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5050 VS 5630 led strip light

What is the Difference between SMD5050 led strip light and SMD5630 led strip light ?

SMD5050 and SMD5630.For not working with led lighting perosn.Maybe we more like say which more brighter,which more saving.

Of course,it is also the key we choose led strip light.

First of all,Need say is,SMD5050 and SMD5630.there had different type in marketing.

SMD5050 as usual had lumen:10-12Lm/Led or 14-16Lm/Led or 18-20Lm/Led or 20-22Lm/Led.

SMD5630 as usual had lumen:10-20Lm/Led or 20-25Lm/Led or 30-40Lm/Led or 50-60Lm/Led.

Of course,different lumen Corresponding different power. 

Second:About the chip:

As usual:SMD5050 is three chip led. of course,there also had some lower quality manufacturer also make single chip.

but its less bright than SMD5050 three chip.Three chip had one good advantage,if one chip dead,it will not effect other

two chips working.

SMD5630 as usual is single chip. if the chip dead,it will not working.

Third:Finished products different:

For same 60led led strip light.Use SMD5630 0.3w and 0.5watt led make the led strip light more brighter than SMD5050.

But same bright SMD5050 led make led strip light .its spanlife more longer than SMD5630 as usual.therefore,for different

customer need accoording different need to choose.

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