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Name:9mm led pixel light IP67 DC5V DC12V
Product Name:Led Pixel light
size:9mm or F5
Input voltage:DC5V and DC12V for choose
Color:Warm white /white /Red/Blue/Green/Yellow
IP Rank:IP67
Beam Angle:120°C
Application:Make led Sign words
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9mm led pixel light IP67  DC5V DC12V Warm white White Red Green Blue Yellow

Power Company 9mm led Pixel light use environmental protection materal,it can Greatly reducing energy consumption, at the same time, it also can ensure that there is good lighting effect, to achieve good results at one stroke.

company has continuously researched and developed new products and processes, and has invested heavily in production to ensure quality assurance and optimal price.

Application:It is widely used in led sign words lighting, hotel decoration, high-end KTV, club decoration, because there are various colors can be matched, our products can always give people a visual effect in front of a bright, and even some customers used in advertising and decoration and other places.

Why choose Power products ?

1)Good quality and after-sale service.Let the customer buy the rest assured, the use of comfort.

2) Good price, high price ratio, convenient wholesaler dealers to open up the market, at the same time, let the end customers get    good benefits.

3)The quality of the big factory, the service of the big factory, the low price

4)Delivery on time, no special circumstances, do not delay the delivery of customers, favored by many customers.

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